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Unified Sports Track Event

Unified Sports Track Event

By Elissa Asch

May 22, 2018

Both special and general education students competed side by side at the Unified Track Sports event at Tam on April 18. The event was the latest of multiple unified basketball games and track meets held this year at Tam and other schools in Marin County. “Our program combines general ed students ...

Tam Students Compete in Special Olympics

Unified Track Meet @ Drake High School

By Raqshan Khan

June 2, 2016

Students participated for the first time in the Special Olympics United Track meet, hosted at Sir Francis Drake High School On Thursday, April 28. The track teams from Drake, Redwood, and Tam all participated in the Special Olympics United. Michael Lovejoy, special education teacher said, “The meet was f...

Here But Not Heard

Here But Not Heard

By Danielle Egan, Danielle Egan, Danielle Egan, Danielle Egan, and Danielle Egan

May 16, 2016

While the Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club (SAGA) was working to designate new, gender-neutral bathrooms, the unaffiliated Gender Alliance Club was putting up signs on school bathrooms saying that anyone who identified as female could use the female bathrooms, and anyone who identified as male could...

Special Education and Drama Create One Act

Pictured are many of the teachers, guest  artists and students  that  worked  to  create  a  successful one  act.
Photo by: Sammy Herdman

By Sammy Herdman

June 5, 2015

The most recent set of Conservatory Theatre Ensemble’s (CTE) one acts, on May 28, brought a performance that stood out from the rest. Special education teacher Michael Lovejoy’s class performed a one act they’ve been working on since the start of the semester, and their work was rewarded with a...

A Sustainable Education: What Special Education Students Are Learning and Teaching

FIELD TRIPS ABOUND: Lovejoy’s students often take field trips around the community. Forays to the Redwoods offer practice in respecting and communicating with others. Pictured above, from left to right, are Anderson, Maggie, Jake, _, and Maribel in the Redwoods garden.				Photo courtesy of: Michael Lovejoy

By Hannah Chorley

December 21, 2013

Jake, a senior in Michael Lovejoy’s Special Education class, sits on the couch whispering to his friend, Maggie. They giggle at a joke and continue to play on an iPad, identifying animals with pictures and mimicking the sounds they make. Jake tells me his favorite animal is a fish, although he loves...