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MVPD officer assaulted after responding to escalating party

MVPD officer assaulted after responding to escalating party

By Nathan Robinson November 17, 2022
The Mill Valley Police Department (MVPD) responded to the scene of a rowdy party of 100 to 200 high school students in the CVS parking lot outside of the local apartments on Ashford Avenue on Nov. 5.
Tam Valley 7/11 by Zach Breindel

Credit card skimmer found at Tam Valley 7-Eleven

By Zachary Breindel September 29, 2022
A credit card skimmer device was found attached to a payment terminal in the Tamalpais Valley 7-Eleven in August.
(Emily Stull)

Why We Need a 24-Hour Diner

By Sunny Wanger November 1, 2021
"...a 24/7 diner may be the effective cause that brings to Mill Valley the quality of nightlife every good community has..."
(Courtesy of Cassie Peterson)

Two Tam seniors on track to become first female Eagle Scouts in southern Marin

By David Spector December 18, 2020
After founding Mill Valley's first female BSA troop, Abigail Alpert and Cassandra Peterson are scheduled to complete the Eagle Scout program in the next few months.
(Images courtesy of Annie Spratt, Benjaminrobyn Jespersen, and the City of Mill Valley; illustration by The Tam News)

Racism is of “immediate local importance”

June 8, 2020
And Mayor Sashi McEntee’s dismissal of Black Lives Matter is far from the only evidence.
(John Overton)

A review of all the cats I know

By John Overton October 8, 2019
The animal, at first glance, seemed a perfect thing to pet, so fluffy and soft. Lo and behold, that cat was a total jerk.
Firefighters conducted a controlled burn on Horse Hill in Mill Valley on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, to prepare for the upcoming fire season. (Ethan Swope)

Are we prepared for a fire?

By Quinn Rothwell September 27, 2019
Mill Valley needs a plan to evacuate the 15,000 people living here. Two exits won’t cover us all.
Entitled Mill Valley Moms: My Experience in the Service Industry

Entitled Mill Valley Moms: My Experience in the Service Industry

By Zoe Cowan April 29, 2019

After working at a local juice bar for a little over a year, I’ve come to learn what it’s like to work in the service industry in Marin. From unruly little league players to senior citizens looking...

The Mill Valley Music Man

The Mill Valley Music Man

By Sam Glocker, Reporter April 5, 2019

It’s a rainy day in Mill Valley, and Gary Scheuenstuhl has just received a shipment of CD’s. He sits tucked behind his register, a wall of records, books, and loose leaf paper encircling him. Vinyl...

Dual Stream Recycling Pilot Program debuts

Dual Stream Recycling Pilot Program debuts

By Jessica Bukowski October 16, 2018

The Mill Valley Refuse Service began requiring select Mill Valley, Tiburon, and Corte Madera neighborhoods to participate in a new recycling program, which will last from September 3 until December 29....

Lets Keep the Day Short and Sweet

Let’s Keep the Day Short and Sweet

By Saranyu Nel October 11, 2018

For a handful of months now Tam has entertained the idea of a new bell schedule. The genesis first came from wanting a later start time for students due to health benefits. However, once teachers, students,...

Shooting in Mill Valley

Shooting in Mill Valley

By Ethan Swope May 3, 2018

Two people were injured after a gunman opened fire at the 900 block apartment complex on East Blithedale Avenue, in Mill Valley at 3:24 p.m. on May 3. The Marin County Sheriff department stated that, “Two...

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