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Title IX’s foul ball

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Luke Ferris and Samantha Nichols

April 22, 2020

Title IX was meant to end gender imbalance in high school and college sports. But it also led to a lack of female coaches — a disparity that our community is no exception to.

A reflection on March Madness

A reflection on March Madness

By Josie Spiegelman

April 10, 2019

Much like many women in the country, I couldn’t care less about who was in the final four or how Zion Williamson was carrying Duke. However, that changed when I was asked to join a bracket.

By Sophia Krivoruchko

December 18, 2017

  Four hours of gymnastics a day “isn’t a big deal” to junior gymnast Nicole Leary. This is her second year training at Novato Gymnastics after transferring from Gymworld Gymnastics in San Rafael, where she began gymnastics at four years old. “I had been thinking about switching to N...

March Madness: Impact on Tam (Web Exclusive)

By Jack Goldman

April 18, 2017

What could be more thrilling than watching the best college basketball teams square off in March Madness? Simple: filling out a March Madness bracket for yourself! However, this tradition of filling out a bracket may distract students from participating in class and completing their schoolwork. Every year...

Beat the sports editors in March Madness

Beat the sports editors in March Madness

By Kenny Rosenberg and Joe Laland

March 13, 2012

Challenge the Tam News sports editors at their NCAA Tournament Bracketology. Students and staff, join the Madness at here. ...