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Editorial: E-bike

By The Tam News Staff June 8, 2022
The majority of e-bike users neglect to acknowledge all of the dangers and responsibilities that go along with riding a speedy, motorcycle-like, contraption without wearing helmets or much protection at all.
(Catherine Stauffer)

Students resist anti-vaccination protest held outside of Tam

By Catherine Stauffer December 14, 2021
Tam students interacted with an anti-vaccination protest being held outside the school on Nov. 3.
(Kayla Boon)

Hauke Park residents object to low-income housing proposal

By Naomi Lenchner October 21, 2021
On June 21, the Mill Valley City Council voted to look into building a low-income housing complex on Hamilton Drive, angering many Hauke Park residents.
Junior Sebastian Ames banned from Nextdoor over satirical Safeway parking post

Junior Sebastian Ames banned from Nextdoor over satirical Safeway parking post

By Dylan Layden May 1, 2019

Junior Sebastian Ames was banned from the neighborhood social media network Nextdoor after a satirical post over parking at Safeway on March 11. Tam parent Anne Elisco-Lemme fought back against the Nextdoor...

Nextdoor Madlibs

Nextdoor Madlibs

By Milo Levine October 31, 2017

Many of us in the Tam community, especially adults, use the neighborhood social media network Nextdoor, which allows us to have positive and productive online interactions with fellow local residents....

Rise in Mill Valley Mail Theft

Rise in Mill Valley Mail Theft

By Kennedy Cook and Charlie Rosgen October 14, 2016

Over the past month there has been a series of mail thefts around Strawberry and Tam Valley. The alarm has spread throughout the social media site, Nextdoor, which is popular among adults in local neighborhoods. There...

A Redefined Neighborhood

A Redefined Neighborhood

By Nell Mitchell September 21, 2016

I joined Nextdoor, the local social media network, out of fear that I was missing out. Not missing out on a summer job walking dogs or weeding gardens, not missing out on a “gently used patio set”...

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