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O’meara’s Return and Retirement

By Emlen Janetos

September 20, 2017

Michael “Mick” O’Meara, a highly regarded teacher at Tamalpais High School, shocked many of his students when he announced his plans to retire at the end of school last year. After dedicating forty-two years to his profession, the thought of him no longer teaching saddened many students. O’Mea...

Kimo Karp: Nine Years of Touchdowns

Kimo Karp: Nine Years of Touchdowns

By Jordan Blackburn

October 24, 2014

Kimo Karp may be a star receiver, but he’s not too cool to admit that he’s best friends with his pet. “My best friend in this world is my dog. It’s a golden retriever poodle mix. It’s my favorite thing in the world,” Karp said. “Her name’s Ginger, but my mom accidentally switched...