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Review: A Star is Born

Review: A Star is Born

By Emily Spears

March 26, 2019

There’s a lot that goes into the making of a good romance movie, and frankly, romantic films seem to be sparse in the past couple of years. But A Star is Born, released October 5, 2018, hit a lot of sweet spots for audiences across the country. Produced by, directed by, and starring Bradley Cooper, th...

Lady Bird – Film Review

Lady Bird - Film Review

By Luca Pelo

March 13, 2018

Once every ten years or so, a coming-of-age film is released that paves way for an entirely new subgenre of films. Productions like these are timeless, bypassing generational barriers, ringing true to teens and adults alike who can empathize with the characters, laughing at their all-too-familiar quirks,...

And the Oscar Goes To…

By The Tam News Staff

February 2, 2016

Star Wars  By Leo DiPierro Star Wars arguably has been one of the most influential and well-known pop culture sensations ever since the first film’s release in 1977. The most recent addition to the franchise, “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens,” is no exception. The film opened to the highest...

Why You Should Pay Attention to Lupita Nyong’o

Why You Should Pay Attention to Lupita Nyong'o

By Cam Vernali

February 13, 2014

With the Academy Awards starting to creep up on us, many films, directors, and actors are being shoved into the spotlight. New talent is a hot commodity to the hungry public, who thrive on learning about previously unknown actors and actresses. One new actress that should be given extra attention howe...

“Silver Linings Playbook” Review: Much Better Than That Terrible Title

By Wesley Emblidge

January 18, 2013

Note: This review has been republished for the wide release of the film. Original article follows. I always find a film impressive if it can manage to change my mind about something I usually hate. A film like “Punch-Drunk Love” really surprises me because I typically hate Adam Sandler, yet he’s great in...

EMBLIDGE INSIGHT: Wesley vs. the 2013 Oscar Nominations

EMBLIDGE INSIGHT: Wesley vs. the 2013 Oscar Nominations

By Wesley Emblidge

January 10, 2013

Every year, the Academy Award nominations disappoint, upset and anger many moviegoers (myself included) with mostly predictable picks that honor the most Oscar-buzzed movies of the year, rather than the best movies of the year. I’ve ranted about this subject before in more detail, but for now, let’s ta...

The problem with the Oscars

The problem with the Oscars

By Wesley Emblidge

March 5, 2012

The Academy Awards are often regarded all over the world as the highest honor a filmmaker or actor or anyone in the film industry can be presented with. Every year, roughly 6,000 members The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vote on what they believe were the best films, performances, and other ty...

“Black Swan” a dark take on ballet

By Wesley Emblidge

December 10, 2010

If one had to compare “Black Swan” the new film from Darren Aronofsky, to any other film, they would draw a blank. Even Aronofskys previous film, "The Wrestler," is miles away from this movie. The story follows a fantastic performance by Natalie Portman as Nina, a ballet dancer, who is given the ...