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PE department drops uniform requirement

(Logan Little)

By Katya Wasserman

September 19, 2019

The policy change, a result of recent districtwide budget cuts, requires that students provide their own athletic attire instead.

Track Closed For New Paint Job

Track Closed For New Paint Job

By Sarah Asch

January 16, 2014

The track was closed on January 14 and 15 as it received a new paint job courtesy of California Track and Engineering. According to Chris McCune, Director of Community Programs for the district, the tracks at Tam, Drake and Redwood are all being painted this week. “The goal is to make the lines visible...

New P.E. Curriculum to be Implemented in January

New P.E. Curriculum to be Implemented in January

By Riley Kuffner and Joe Russell

December 16, 2013

The P.E. department will institute a redesigned curriculum in the second semester of this school year. Before the new curriculum, P.E. classes were essentially split, with half the time spent in the classroom and half spent doing activities. After reassessing the curriculum, the P.E. department found...

P.E. Escapism 101

P.E. Escapism 101

June 1, 2013

There’s always one class that nobody really minds if they have to miss. For most students, that class is Physical Education. When it comes to having to miss a class and not worry about it, P.E. is the go-to choice, especially when there is a constant treasure trove of excuses to use. But in the modern...

New teachers Severin, Pender and Lawley bring their own philosophies to Tam

New teachers Severin, Pender and Lawley bring their own philosophies to Tam

By Sophie McGuinness

November 2, 2011

Nate Severin PE Teacher Teaching Philosophy: “First and foremost is my relationship with my students. If I know who they are and what they like, then I can teach them better. When students know I care about them, then a mutual respect is formed.” When Mr. Severin was in high school: “One ti...

P.E. uniforms a home run

By Hannah Berman

October 1, 2010

Girls walk into the P.E. room, scantily dressed in tank tops and shorts. Boys follow close behind wearing their pants well below their waists. By the looks of them, few would have guessed that these boys and girls were going to a P.E. class and not attending a dance. After years of running around to...