Track Closed For New Paint Job


By Sarah Asch

The track was closed on January 14 and 15 as it received a new paint job courtesy of California Track and Engineering. According to Chris McCune, Director of Community Programs for the district, the tracks at Tam, Drake and Redwood are all being painted this week. “The goal is to make the lines visible for the Tam Track program, PE, and Community users,” McCune said. “The lines become faded from sun and other elements and need to be refreshed every five or so years.”

BACK ON TRACK: California Track and Engineering painted over the lane stripping and numbers on the track on January 14 and 15.
photo by Sarah Asch


During the two-day closure, the Tam P.E. department changed scheduled activities to keep classes off the track. Because the job was intended to begin on Monday before being pushed back a day, scheduling was disrupted for three days.

Director of Maintenance and Operation Tony Catrino described the job as routine maintenance. Because it is classified as such and not as a “capital improvement,” it was paid for by the district. According to Catrino, painting the Tam track cost the district $6,800.