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Stop doing it for the Gram

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Luke Rasake

March 9, 2020

Why you should stop being an instagram photographer.

Street shot or sum

(Luke Osborn)

By Luke Osborn

September 10, 2019

Photos by junior Luke Osborn of the Mill Valley skate park and the culture it has fostered.

A Cheap New Trend

A Cheap New Trend

By Camille Shakirova, Photo Editor

March 13, 2019

Sometimes, stepping into the Tam hallways can feel like a time warp. I’m constantly drowning in ‘80s-style high-waisted jeans and bright jackets that scream ‘90s. Yesterday, I could have sworn I saw Duckie from Pretty in Pink walking through Orange Court. Fashion inspiration is taken from ...

Picture This: Anika Kaplan Graduates Early to Pursue Photography

By Arya Guinney

October 11, 2016

Anika Kaplan is “technically” a senior, but this year, her third year of high school, will mark her last. Kaplan has plans to attend New York University’s art school, yet she won’t be applying until the rest of her 2018 classmates. What makes Kaplan able to do this is her love of one thing: ...

Artist of the Issue: Audrey Romjue

Artist of the Issue: Audrey Romjue

By Jackson Gathard

March 24, 2015

Junior Audrey Romjue found her love for photography at an early age. “I got a small Sony Cybershot camera for Christmas one year, and I began taking photos and videos of my friends at home, at school, and at parties. The photos I took then were mainly just for fun; the only place they went was Face...

Artist of the Issue: Paden McNiff

Photo by: Paden McNiff

By Claire Donohue

October 24, 2014

  Junior Paden McNiff discovered her interest in photography at the start of high school. “I had a lot of friends that had nice cameras and liked taking pictures, so I saved up to buy my own and became more and more interested in [photography],” McNiff said.   McNiff’s eye for ...

Emmanuella Zachariou: Music Video Success

Emmanuella Zachariou: Music Video Success

By Anna Vandergriff

October 22, 2013

After less than a year of directing, filming, and conceptualizing music videos, senior Emmanuella Zachariou has already achieved a level of success that many people can only hope to attain in a lifetime. Her most recent music video for the up-and-coming Swedish band The Holograms recently premiered...