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Hawk Talk: Conflict in Syria

Hawk Talk: Conflict in Syria

By Sophia Ellingson September 25, 2013

In the past two years, Syria’s civil war has resulted in more deaths (approximately 100,000) than the total of all American deaths in Vietnam (approximately 58,000). Recently, a chemical weapon called...

Tams International Club Hosts Ballet Folklorico

Tam’s International Club Hosts Ballet Folklorico

By Sophia Ellingson June 12, 2013

Tam's international club hosted a traditional Mexican dance group, Ballet Folklorico, for students in Caldwell Theatre during tutorial on Friday, May 17. The club hoped to "show people different cultures...

Leadership and Link Crew Host Mixer

By Sophia Ellingson April 22, 2013

Link Crew and Leadership students held a “Come Meet Your Facebook Friends” mixer event at lunch on April 24, in hopes of bringing together new friends and developing a positive social atmosphere on...

WELCOME ABOARD: Dr. Robert Vieth will act as principal for the remainder of the 2012-13 school year.                Photo by: Jordan Blackburn

Principal Drescher Resigns Early; Dr. Robert Vieth Hired as Interim Principal

By News Staff February 11, 2013

Principal Thomas Drescher announced his immediate resignation on January 28, a sudden change from his previously planned resignation date of June 30. Drescher sent an email to staff during the day...

UPDATED: Drescher Resigns Early

UPDATED: Drescher Resigns Early

By Emma Boczek, Sophia Ellingson & Chris Henn January 28, 2013

UPDATE 2: On January 29 the interim principal to replace former Principal Drescher was announced to be former San Marin High School principal Bob Vieth. TUHSD Superintendent Laurie Kimbrel sent out an...

Photo by Roman Fuchs


By Sophia Ellingson November 3, 2012

While being smothered in a smoke and laser enhanced atmosphere waiting for DJ act Pretty Lights to come on, I overheard a bewildering conversation between two “fans” who had been bragging about...

Instagram Madness

Instagram Madness

By Sophia Ellingson May 8, 2012

Caught in the midst of our tech-savvy generation of teen robots, it seems we’re always looking forward to the next installation of self-absorption. As if the olden days of Myspace weren’t enough, Facebook...

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