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Pamplona and shock humor

October 13, 2019

"Your publication of this comment seems out of character with a community that portrays itself as supportive and accepting of cultural diversity."

A New Perspective: Oaxaca, México

A New Perspective: Oaxaca, México

By Diana Sosa and Translation by Maddie Asch

June 5, 2017

Hola, yo soy Diana, una de las tantas estudiantes de Tam. Tengo 16 años. Yo vengo de Oaxaca, México. Mi idioma es el español. Yo estoy cursando el segundo medio de Tam. Vine aquí para estudiar y aprender el inglés ya que yo soy nacida aquí y me gustaría saber este idioma. Llevo viviendo aquí...

Colombia is more than just Cocaine

Colombia map with shadow effect

By Nicole Anisgard-Parra

December 1, 2016

When people ask where I’m from, and I tell them that I have family in Colombia, I brace myself to hear the following comments: “So, do people in your family do cocaine?” or “Why do you even travel there? Don’t people get kidnapped all the time?” I try to shrug these comments off and explain ...

Leah Ramsey Profile

Leah Ramsey Profile

October 1, 2015

Leah Ramsey joined Tam this year as a Spanish 1/2 and AP Spanish Language teacher. Ramsey, who grew up in Southern California, has taught in San Francisco for eight years prior to teaching at Tam. Inspired to teach in the general sense by her middle school English teacher, Ramsey didn’t consider t...

¡Que Viva La Vida! The life of Señor Cruz

Senor Cruz by McCall Hoyt

By Emma Talkoff

May 10, 2012

Almost half a century ago, a young man and his family received a massive stroke of luck: despite limited English, they were granted visas into the United States. On the edge of one of the biggest transitions in his life, the Bogotá, Colombia native sought financial stability, a chance at a higher education, and, he said, “like ev...

Spanish exchange students visit Tam

By Emma Sandrolini

September 26, 2011

Spanish exchange students arrived on August 27, as part of a new exchange program. French teacher Brian Zailian put together the program, which also sends Spanish teacher Cheryl Mochalski to Pamplona, Spain, in the spring. “It occurred to me that there should be a Spanish exchange program, since...