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Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!

Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!

By Ian Duncanson September 23, 2019
“I’ve wanted to work at Tam for a really long time, so when I saw that there was a job opening I jumped on it. I hope to be here for a really long time.”
Danford on Fire: Our New IT Specialist

Danford on Fire: Our New IT Specialist

By Marie Hogan October 14, 2016

Information Technology specialist Danford McCann knows what it’s like to play with fire and get burned, literally. “Your first thought is to go screaming, running," he said. "Actually, the real thought...

EDITORIAL: Standards-Based Grading

By Staff May 12, 2016

Standards-based grading (SBG) is a popular and new grading strategy whose use has expanded in the district over the past few years. SBG aims to assess students solely on whether they have acquired identified...

EDITORIAL: Parkin' Problems

EDITORIAL: Parkin’ Problems

By Staff April 8, 2016

The lack of parking at Tam has been at the forefront of student conversation, often outshining other topics - prom, standardized testing, college acceptances and decisions, grades - as the most complained...

EDITORIAL: Apple Bites Back

EDITORIAL: Apple Bites Back

By Staff March 7, 2016

On February 16, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a “Customer Letter” on the homepage of the technology giant’s website. The letter, which quickly took over Tam students’ Facebook feeds, outlined Apple’s...

EDITORIAL: Censoring Our Chants?

EDITORIAL: Censoring Our Chants?

By Staff February 2, 2016

After last week’s boys’ varsity basketball home game against rival school Marin Catholic, Principal David Brown sent out a letter to Tam staff with the instructions that it be read aloud to classes....

Updated: Three Math Teachers Will Not Be Asked to Return in Fall

Updated: Three Math Teachers Will Not Be Asked to Return in Fall

Three math teachers, Anders Fairbanks, Ryan Fedoroff and Juan Vidal, were notified on February 28 of their designation as non-reelect, meaning that they will not be invited back to teach at Tam in the...

William Bartrug Joins Tam Staff

William Bartrug Joins Tam Staff

By Jackson Gathard October 29, 2013

William Bartrug began teaching both Integrated Science 3/4 and Chemistry courses at Tam on October 7. After six weeks of searching, the administration has hired a replacement for Chemistry teacher Dr....

Dr. Julie Synyard
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Q&A with Tam’s New Principal: Dr. Julie Synyard

By Emma Talkoff June 12, 2013

Next year Tam will welcome Dr. Julie Synyard as our school’s new principal. Synyard has taught English and history and received her administrative credential in the Albany Unified School District in...

Learning Goes Social: The New Age of Teacher-Student Communication

Learning Goes Social: The New Age of Teacher-Student Communication

By Devon Stoeber May 31, 2013

One school night, sophomore Madelyn Lunder gets ready to begin her homework by checking her planner. After she realizes she forgot to write some assignments down she logs on to her Facebook. Lunder is...

Dr. Julie Synyard being introduced by Assistant Principals Kim Stiffler and Bryan Lynch. Photo by: Emma Boczek

TUHSD Board Announces New Tam Principal

By Wesley Emblidge March 28, 2013

Dr. Julie Synyard was introduced as the new principal of Tam for the 2013-2014 school year on March 27 at a Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) board meeting held at Tam. Synyard’s hiring...

STANDING GROUND: Darla Deme is one of several classified staff members requesting higher pay.

Classified Staff At Impasse Regarding Wages

By Justin Schmidt, Maddie Elias February 14, 2013

The Tam district has reached an impasse in contract negotiation with the classified staff, which includes non-teachers such as secretaries and custodians. Classified and clerical staff workers operate...

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