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Juniors Start Recording Studio in Sausalito: “2200 Sound”

Juniors Start Recording Studio in Sausalito:

By Daniel Carroll

September 25, 2013

Tam juniors Chase McDonald and Ryan Felder have been working tirelessly along with Marin Academy junior Eli Kranefuss to open their own recording studio in Sausalito over the past several months. They plan to name the studio “2200 Sound.” The studio will open in the former home of The Record Plant,...

EDITORIAL: Life After High School and the Gap Between Students and Gap Years

By Staff

January 5, 2013

To overworked students, the idea of twelve months of freedom is extremely appealing. A year to slow down, gain invaluable work experience, or explore the world provides students with the time and opportunity to take a break and prepare to plunge into college. But only a few 2012 Tam graduates took...

Horizon of Blue

Horizon of Blue

By Mayana Bonapart

March 24, 2011

To live as the ocean means to live ferociously. To be the ocean aggressive, playful character is a necessity Yet at the same time grace, beauty and poise are also essential. The trick to being the perfect ocean wave is to have enormous strength and youthful agility but at the same time maintain a ph...