Juniors Start Recording Studio in Sausalito: “2200 Sound”

Juniors Start Recording Studio in Sausalito:

By Daniel Carroll

Tam juniors Chase McDonald and Ryan Felder have been working tirelessly along with Marin Academy junior Eli Kranefuss to open their own recording studio in Sausalito over the past several months. They plan to name the studio “2200 Sound.”

The studio will open in the former home of The Record Plant, a company that has recorded many famous artists.

The trio is currently presenting their ideas to potential investors and working to gain support from the community. “We have spent hours upon hours,” Kranefuss said. “We even met with a local ad agency.”

Even though they have a long way to go, the three students have high hopes.

“The studio will act as a youth center for young musicians in our community,” Felder said. “Opening 2200 Sound will represent the creation of a truly unique community of individuals that grow by teaching and learning from one another.”