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Boys’ Basketball

Boys' Basketball

By Daniel Carroll

December 23, 2014

The varsity basketball team looks like they will bounce back in the 2014 -2015 season after only winning a single MCAL game last year with an overall season record of 9-17. History teacher and leadership advisor Tim Morgan is set to make his debut as a head coach. The former assistant coach at San Francisco...

Bidding Farewell to Susan Gertman

HELPING STUDENTS SUCCEED: College and Career specialist Susan Gertman will retire this month after assisting students in the College and Career Center since 2005. Photo by: Claire Donohue

By Cassie Jeong

June 11, 2014

You know her from her workshops on everything from financial aid to college essays, conducting class-wide surveys on Naviance, or sending out informational emails on upcoming events and scholarships. Her lookout perches on the busiest part of campus — the intersection of the two Keyser buildings —...

The Archives: A Look Back at Tam’s History

The Archives: A Look Back at Tam’s History

By Wesley Emblidge, Chris Long & Billie Mandelbaum

April 5, 2012

“Internet access to reach all classrooms,” “Come ‘Injun’ dance at the prom tonite” and “Goldfish lose tails” are just a few of the breaking news headlines that have appeared in the Tam News since its founding nearly a century ago. This issue, we decided to feature a wide range of past...

Access denied

Access denied

By Jenna Tuttle

February 17, 2011

Behind the veil of the internet, a quiet war for morality rages. The school librarian sees it as censorship. The information technology systems specialist sees it as protection. The it factor is an Internet filtering system called Lightspeed which blocks certain websites deemed inappropriate for school....