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Street shot or sum

By Luke Osborn September 10, 2019
Photos by junior Luke Osborn of the Mill Valley skate park and the culture it has fostered.


By Milo Levine June 6, 2019
Public school is for everyone. Tam’s academic programs may not be.
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Outed Every Day

By Skye Schoenhoeft September 24, 2018

With additional reporting by Sam Schnee     Most of us don’t like putting our phones in the caddy every time we walk into class. It’s definitely annoying, but for most it’s nothing...

Varsity Boys Basketball Beats Marin Catholic

Varsity Boys’ Basketball Beats Marin Catholic

By Eddie Schultz and Jack Loder January 12, 2018

During the halftime break of the January 11 Thursday night Basketball game at Marin Catholic [MC], Tam coaches Tim Morgan and Lorenzo Bynum called their talented squad to rally. The Tam team was down 15...

March Madness: Impact on Tam (Web Exclusive)

By Jack Goldman April 18, 2017

What could be more thrilling than watching the best college basketball teams square off in March Madness? Simple: filling out a March Madness bracket for yourself! However, this tradition of filling out...

Sports Opinion: Physical Education: Unnecessary for Student Athletes

Sports Opinion: Physical Education: Unnecessary for Student Athletes

By Arya Guinney & Kennedy Cook March 31, 2017

Physical Education (P.E.) is a two-year required course for every student that attends Tam. It has two components–one that encompasses the information a student would learn in a health class and a second,...

Athlete of the Issue: Isobel Wright

Athlete of the Issue: Isobel Wright

By Sophia Venables March 31, 2017

Senior Isobel Wright will be a part of the Wesleyan University track team as a high jumper come next fall. Wright attributes her passion for high jump to joining track in eighth grade. “[The Mill Valley...

Girls’ Varsity Soccer Loses to Redwood at Home (January 21)

By Piper Goeking February 28, 2017

The girls’ varsity soccer team lost 0-1 to Redwood in a highly contested match at home on January 21.  Both sides had several shots on goal and created many passing connections in the first half....

Lily Travers: Kicking Up a Storm

Lily Travers: Kicking Up a Storm

By Marie Hogan and Marie Hogan February 4, 2017

Freshman Lily Travers has been dreaming of playing for Tam’s varsity soccer team for years. “I used to practice on the side of the Tam field,” Travers said, “And I’d see them, and I’d always...

Jordan Jackson: Cross Up

Jordan Jackson: Cross Up

By Adam Tolson and Adam Tolson February 1, 2017

This year’s boys’ basketball team is on fire this season.  After taking down Terra Linda, Justin Siena, Marin Catholic, and Redwood, they have begun their season  as a top three-team in the Marin...

Sports Opinion: Selective Spirit

Sports Opinion: Selective Spirit

By Zoe Wynn and Zoe Wynn February 1, 2017

Ask a student about Tam school spirit at basketball games and they’ll  probably describe the atmosphere as electric. Masses of people line up at the door waiting to get their hands stamped so they can...

Sports Opinion: Warriors Fans, Be Grateful!

Sports Opinion: Warriors Fans, Be Grateful!

By Connor Norton May 2, 2016

Whoever saw Steph Curry line up for the 35-foot three-point game winner against the Oklahoma City Thunder in late February, you understand that it’s about time The Tam News addresses the phenomenon that...

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