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Tarp’s end of an era

Tarp's end of an era

By Lucas Rosevear

June 24, 2019

After 27 years, English teacher David Tarpinian — who was involved in the founding of Academic Workshop, Peer Resource, and AIM — is retiring from Tam.

To Carry or Not to Carry?

To Carry or Not to Carry?

By Cassie Peterson

April 25, 2018

On February 22, just eight days after the deadly Parkland shooting, President Trump tweeted that teachers should carry guns in the classroom to prevent further shootings. Teachers at Tam have commented on the issue, asking: would carrying guns actually make the school atmosphere safer? Math teac...

Getting Ed-Juul-Cated

Getting Ed-Juul-Cated

By Hana Curphey, Additional Reporting by Evan Wilch

February 14, 2018

Sophomore Lily was in history class when the student sitting next to her started Juuling. “The teacher turned around and started talking to me right after he took a hit, so he had it in his lungs,” Lily said. “He wasn’t wearing any sort of shirt [to exhale vapor into]. After the teacher walks...

Editorial: Current Events in the Classroom

By The Tam News Staff

October 26, 2017

All around us, crisis and disaster run rampant. The months of September and October brought vicious hurricanes, the deadliest mass shooting to date, a twitter beef backed by nuclear weapons, incredibly divisive NFL protests, and devastating fires in Northern California. During this tumultuous time our ...

O’meara’s Return and Retirement

By Emlen Janetos

September 20, 2017

Michael “Mick” O’Meara, a highly regarded teacher at Tamalpais High School, shocked many of his students when he announced his plans to retire at the end of school last year. After dedicating forty-two years to his profession, the thought of him no longer teaching saddened many students. O’Mea...

New Staff Profiles

New Staff Profiles

By Tam News Staff

October 11, 2016

Special Education Department: Molly Fries  by Ryan Leake Tam’s newest member of the Special Education Department, Molly Fries, claims she is “not actually a teacher.” Fries spends her time in the classroom as a paraeducator, which she defines as extra support staff. Fries describes her role ...

A Message to Students and Teachers

A Message to Students and Teachers

By Miles Rubens

March 3, 2016

Sometimes in class I wish I could rip out my own nose so that I could stop the distraction and aggravation that someone eating repulsive and strong smelling food is causing me. Often the classroom smells more like a food court, with many different smells from different foods mixing together and wafti...

EDITORIAL: A Two Way Street

EDITORIAL: A Two Way Street

By Tam News Staff

June 11, 2015

In the June issue of the Tam News, Sarah Asch and James Finn explored the friction surrounding teachers’ varying opinions on collaboration and how and when to use project-based learning. With Tam in the market to hire new staff members next year, we found ourselves questioning how this conversation...

Bidding Farewell to Susan Gertman

HELPING STUDENTS SUCCEED: College and Career specialist Susan Gertman will retire this month after assisting students in the College and Career Center since 2005. Photo by: Claire Donohue

By Cassie Jeong

June 11, 2014

You know her from her workshops on everything from financial aid to college essays, conducting class-wide surveys on Naviance, or sending out informational emails on upcoming events and scholarships. Her lookout perches on the busiest part of campus — the intersection of the two Keyser buildings —...