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Editorial:  Tams Lack of Knowledge on Opiods and Fentanyl Use

Editorial: Tam’s Lack of Knowledge on Opiods and Fentanyl Use

By Editorial Staff November 3, 2022

Electronic vapes and alcohol have become normalized among the substances that students who attend Tamalpais High School abuse. But more serious drugs are affecting our broader community, and there seems...

A Guide To Wellness

By Shaina Mandala September 29, 2022
Last year, The Tam News published an article about Tamalpais High School’s Wellness Center to bring attention to its presence and briefly cover the resources it provides. However, the resources that Wellness provides are more extensive than the last article suggested and deserve an article of their own.
The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center

By Shaina Mandala June 7, 2022
Nestled in a secret corner at the end of an unassuming hall is the Tamalpais High School Wellness Center. It provides a multitude of services and products, but many students are unaware of the extent and possibly even of its existence. 
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