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Black Student Union Cancels Assembly

March 10, 2013

The annual Black Student Union (BSU) assembly slated for February 27 was cancelled amidst what Tam staff assistant and BSU advisor Jewel Barrow characterized as “changing attitudes” towards the club. According Barrow, this is the first time in three or four decades that the non-mandatory assembly...

Flames Quickly Extinguished in Keyser Bathroom

BURNOUT: A fire in a trash can (left) in the boys’ bathroom prompted evacuation of students (right) at the end of lunch on February 28. French teacher Brian Zailian was first to respond to junior Trevor Guyton’s report of the fire. 		   Photo by: Chris Yip

March 8, 2013

Smoke from a trash can fire in the Upper Keyser boys’ bathroom prompted fire alarms and evacuation of some students as lunch ended on February 28. Junior Trevor Guyton was first to notice and report the fire. “There were one to two feet of flames shooting out of [the garbage can],” Guyton said...

Lovejoy’s Students Welcomed to Orientation

By Wenlock Nau

September 26, 2012

Orientation is a milestone in a high school student’s life, in which they get to know the school meet their classmates, make new friends, and form relationships that will last them throughout high school. Over the course of Tam history, freshmen have been welcomed to the school with this lively day...