Mill Valley general plan being updated

By Maggie Whalen

The City of Mill Valley is currently in the process of updating its General Plan. This document, required by State law, is a blueprint of ideas and future goals for the City. California law requires that the General Plan address seven elements including land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise and safety. In the previous General Plan, major issues such as pressures for growth and change, traffic, schools, local economy and natural resources were all addressed. MV2040 is the City’s initiative to update the General Plan for the year 2040.

“The goal of MV2040 is to identify and anticipate the needs of the community and surrounding environment for the next 30 years,” said Mill Valley’s Senior Planner Danielle Staude. “Policies and programs will then be developed based on the ideas generated by the community, and folded into a ‘General Plan’ document….This document serves as a basis for decisions that affect all aspects of the community’s daily lives.”

In an effort to reach out to the younger population, Staude has been working with Tam’s Interact Club. Members of the club have helped spread the word to other Tam students through tutorial presentations.

“Mill Valley’s General Plan was adopted in 1989, but has not been updated since,” said junior Morrissa Berman, president of the Interact Club. “There are many new, important issues in society today, like a greater focus on the environment and sustainability, increased traffic from cars and more stores coming to town.”

“We encourage Tam High students to participate,” said Staude. “There are numerous opportunities available: internships, art projects, video projects. has also been set up to allow ongoing participation online. As the future leaders of Mill Valley, your voice is important.”