Marsh under construction

By Camille Kaufman

Ever since the start of school, students have wondered about the trucks and bulldozers destroying the marsh near Tam’s track.

“[The marsh] is being converted back to wetlands,” said Walter Alexander, one of the marsh workers.

The company in charge of the construction is Steven Lafranchi and Associates.

“We have to offset the environmental impact at the other site [the marsh across the bike path] by making more [wetlands] here,” said land surveyor Greg St. John, “We basically just have to level the marsh.”

So far the company has leveled out the old marsh, created large basins, and is currently filling them with native vegetation to bring back the marsh. This new wetland area will drain into the bay, which may cause less flooding along Miller.

“We are almost done,” said St. John, “all we have to do is finish planting.”