Stinson Restaurant “The Lunch Box” is a Must

By Jackie O'Boyle

After a hot day at Stinson Beach all I want is a refreshing drink and a good meal. The Lunch Box, a small quaint restaurant in Stinson Beach, has just that. Upon entering, you immediately feel the cool air conditioning. There are beautiful paintings of Mount Tam all along the walls. You look up to the big chalkboard menu that has an assortment of sandwiches and salads. On Thursday and Friday nights the small restaurant transforms into a taqueria. Not only is the Lunchbox as gourmet deli but it also has a taqueria mood to it.

The brightly colored menu intrigues you from the moment you enter. The menu has a list of The Lunch Box’s specialty sandwiches ($8 apiece) or the option to make your own sandwich and add what you please. ($8 as well). I ordered the Baby Beef Sliders, a sandwich with seared flat iron steak with roasted tomato, arugula, balsamic syrup and shaved pecorino on a dinner roll. This sandwich was a slice of heaven. The meat was so juicy and flavorful and all the ingredients mixed with one another to pull the slider together very nicely.

I also created my own sandwich. The Lunch Box has almost everything you could imagine to make your own sandwich. They have multiple meats to choose from: turkey, chicken, beef, etc., and an assortment of toppings. I created a chicken pesto sandwich with grilled chicken, fresh pesto, American cheese, all on a Dutch crunch roll. The cheese was melted to perfection. As I took my first bite it all melted in my mouth. The chicken was grilled with a golden brown crust, and the roll was crunchy but had a soft inside, making it enjoyable to eat. All the textures and flavors blended together perfectly.

After my sandwiches I decided to try some dessert. I got a peanut butter cookie and a chocolate chip cookie ($1.50 each). The peanut butter cookie had a real taste of peanuts, creating a sensation of eating a jar of peanut butter. The chocolate chip cookie was soft and freshly baked which made it melt in my mouth.

The employees at The Lunchbox were all very polite. They all seemed to be trained and knew exactly what they were doing. Many Tam Students work at the Lunchbox and do fantastic job with all customers.

The Lunch Box is a very successful starting restaurant. It has amazing food along with a wonderful atmosphere.