What’s good in the Cosmos: January-February 2011

This isn’t the same ol’ astrology column you flip to in the back of Vogue. Nah. We’re talking about your place in the universe! That’s right, you heard me: your role in the cosmos,  the patty in your big-mac experience, or maybe the tune in your rap.  I prescribe to astrology in the academic lineage of Plato to Freud to Jung to Tarnas. We’re talking about archetypes, or universal and cyclical stories, that are simutaneously reflected in our psyches, global events, and the positions of the planets. Archetypes are like cosmic road signs telling you where the universe (including you) is at these days. As above, so below. It’s fractal, it’s quantum, it’s resonant.
For example, right now with Uranus starting to align with Pluto in the sky at a right angle, the cosmos is feeling rebellious– and we are too. Not because we’re feeling the planets’ vibes, but because the planets, us, and everything else in our quantum reality is feeling and reflecting an archetypally patterned wave that underlies all energy. Everything is connected, and reflected and always co-created. The planets can give a clue to major themes to consider for yourself, your peers and for humanity at large as we ride the cosmic wave.
With our economic and political systems joined at the increasingly French Revolution-esque hip, we’re due for some big shifts in our worldviews, our cultures, and ourselves.
For example, we’ve got Uranus approaching a right angle with Pluto in Capricorn, soon to form a T-square (another right angle) with Saturn. We’ve also got a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction winding up and moving into Aries, and Neptune moving into Pisces until 2025.
Neptune in Pisces will help us learn about ourselves deeply while Uranus in Aries will help us express this through our personalities. Together, these transits will help us wake up to the wild beauty of our own lives and how we fit into the big picture.
Adding to this is Pluto in Capricorn. This pattern has been in progress since 2008, and has come with many social changes, some of them unsettling. We see this in the economic crisis, our government’s chaos, and of course a sense that everything might collapse tomorrow. Current affairs include examples like the recent student protests in London, or the rebellions happening in Egypt as I write.
Now, here is a clue about 2012: the year that Uranus moving through Aries first meets Pluto moving through Capricorn with another square to Saturn in Libra. This is called the Uranus-Pluto-Saturn T- square. This is part of the cycle that delivers some of the most radical astrology ever documented by historians — the astrology of revolution and of revelation. This alignment happened during the French Revolution, the Depression and then again in the 1960s. Think of how this is developing — society changing, perhaps seeming like its falling apart, while at the same time we are awakening to our creative potential, and getting into the process of creating change. A place where we realize that we do have power, we can influence our world, and we can create a world that is just and sustainable for all.
The Uranus-Pluto-Saturn T-square describes the place where revolutionary self-awareness meets the vast and sweeping changes that the world is going through. The world is changing, and many of us feel a profound need to rethink our role, our place of participation,  or our point of influence.
Unlike the 60’s though, don’t “tune in and drop out.” Tune in, and drop in. Know yourself, live in alignment with your values, engage in your community, and bring your gifts to build the kind of world you want to see!   According to our archetypal cycles, now is the time.

(March 21-April 20)
Uranus is in your sign for the next sev en years! Get ready for the ride! You’re likely to feel urges to break free, and to go boldly where no one has gone before. It may feel like the world has made room for your pioneering and creative genius. In fact, the most challenging aspect for you will be the patient daily cultivation of trusting yourself deeply enough to lead the way. Sparkle bright!
February could  bring a surprise Valentine into your life, or even two! Right now, focus on that special someone who can be a good friend too.

(April 21-May 20)
I suggest you transform your perception of everything you’ve considered to be a fault about yourself into an asset. Notice self-defeating beliefs and adopt new ones. It’s easier than you believe to be the person you want to be, or live in a world you love. Just believe it into being.
As such, this Valentine’s Day, don’t let fear of rejection or too much homework stand in your way. If you have a special someone in mind, send them a Valentine or make them a special treat without any expectations other then knowing you’ll make their day.

(May 21-June 20)
You are seeking more social free dom than most people ever  dream      of. One of your most cherished dreams is absolute individuality, so never apologize for being yourself. Remember that embracing what works for you always involves letting go of what does not–including ideas that don’t serve you and choices made from obligation or fear.
Valentine’s Day is all about fun for you! Keep it light-hearted and simple. Let all the special people in your life know how great you think they are–and have fun while you do it.

(June 21-July 20)
You may not consider yourself a rebel, but you are stepping into a bold phase of your life where you can achieve anything that you want. Define this by a tangible goal of some kind. There will be a strong temptation to rebel, which doesn’t get anyone very far. Therefore, create a positive vision and be yourself in the process.
Though lately you’ve been working hard, take some time to let those you love know how important they are to you this Valentine’s Day.  Take a break for some celebration of yourself and your loved ones! Have some fun!

(July 21-August 20)
You’re in the process of having all of your beliefs about yourself upended– it’s part of a long process of figuring out where you stand with yourself.  You’re discovering your potential, apart from anyone else’s definitions. Be open, proud and real about yourself with your community–they deserve you in all your glory.
February brings lots of creativity and passion for you. Make some great art, or explore a hobby you’ve always been intrigued to try. If there is a special someone, I bet they’d love to dance the night away with you.

(August 21-Sept 20)
You will know that goal is right for you when your whole being lights up at the idea. Affirm your talents, your existence, your desires and your dreams. Others are eager to support you, but for the moment, the first move is yours.
So, mix it up this Valentine’s Day!  Do you normally do the same ‘ol school dance and Hallmark cards? Or nothing at all? Why not change gears and try something new?  Surprise yourself and your loved ones with some fantastic creativity.

(Sept 21-Oct 20)
Libras have a special hold on  reality   right now with Saturn in your house for two years.  Understand that the lessons of the past don’t hold, but rather inform your better choices. You are free to be you, distinct from your friends or parents.
Even if the real object of your desires seems unattainable this Valentine’s Day, that just isn’t true!  Look in the mirror, Libra. Love thyself and you might consider that this is the most profound love you can know. After that, any romance coming your way is icing on the cake.

(Oct 21-Nov 21)
You’re ready for some big changes in your environment and life. You need reality to reflect your passions and leave room for creativity. You’re restless for change and adventure.  Use this time to try new things, and meet new people.  The results will bring you happiness!
As much as you would like to run after a special Valentine right now, the aggressive approach will not work so well. Take it easy and enjoy those around you. Channel your energy into making some new friends and see what happens!

(Nov 22-Dec 20)
Right now, you’re likely going through a process of questioning everything you have believed to be important.  This is good. Evolve your ideas about the world and yourself and make them your own. Take time to connect with those things you care about as a way of making them real. Don’t take on feelings or ideas that aren’t your own.
This Valentine’s Day, you might be focusing on the superficial aspects of the holiday with disdain. Make it authentic for yourself, and share your love with others. Don’t worry,  shortly you will get back everything you have put into your relationships and more.
(Dec 21-Jan 20)
Confidence comes with being content and making mistakes! What is most important is that you try and try again. Now is the time to develop a deep and profound trust in yourself and your ability to learn from the mistakes you make. Listen, learn and know that you’re awesome.
This Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile and surprise your loved ones with some extra special love and creativity. Try something new that will reflect some previously unexpressed talent or part of yourself. Take a risk and believe that it will not go unappreciated!

(Jan 21-Feb 20)
Disregard  your old patterns of thinking and views of the world that aren’t currently serving you. Make your decisions based on well-thought out visions rather then fear, and watch as your dreams become a reality! Your life will begin to reflect your new reality sooner then you might expect.
This Valentine’s Day, you should receive lots of outpouring from admirers you didn’t even know you had. Now would also be a great time to mend fences with enemies or learn to really love some alien part of yourself.

(Feb 21-March 20)
You’ve been working hard at learning how to thrive in ever-changing environments. Now, your hard-earned Jedi skills are going to pay off: you’ve become a pro at meeting and responding to any challenge or opportunity that comes your way. Now is the time to turn metal into gold!
As such, this Valentine’s Day, proclaim your love to the world.  Whether it be for your horse, your paintbrush or your favorite person. Let your light shine with creative passion!

Leandra Jones is currently a student at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is working towards a Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. She is also the proud mom of a teen daughter at Tam.

This article was originally published in the February 2011 issue.