Tomorrowland: Film of the Future?

By Max Plotkin

For a movie about the future, “Tommorowland” sure uses a lot from the past. An overused plot and a one-dimensional villain is not necessarily the greatest combination for a high budget Disney movie. With big actors such as Academy Award-winning George Clooney and multiple Oscar-winning director Brad Bird, “Tomorrowland” seems to disappoint. The movie, getting a measly 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, shows how even with great talent, the same story can only be told so many times.

The movie focuses around Casey Newton, a child genius that is the daughter of a NASA rocket scientist. She leads a mostly normal life until she finds an old pin. Whenever she touches the pin she is transported to the far future, a land of jetpacks, rockets, and excitement. Her journey is cut short when the pin stops working. Determined to find a way back to the future, she tracks down a man who is thought to know something about the pin.

Most film critics seem to agree that the film was sort of like fireworks, a beautiful show of visual effects, but no real substance. “It’s kind of like an Apple Watch – a new invention that’s flashy but isn’t practical or as impressive as it should be,” says Matt Neal, a writer for The Standard. With the unanimous vote of movie critics, there seems to be only one way to label this film: a colossal letdown.

While the plot may appear to be something new and unusual, it turns out to just be an apocalyptic scenario where the villain thinks the only way to cure humanity of its wrongs is to end all human life. To the villain, this may seem to be a new and original idea, yet we all know it to be the plot of one too many movies.

This movie seems to emanate failure with a plot that has more holes than Swiss cheese, and a story line that would make reading the dictionary a thrilling adventure. The 15 dollars it costs to get in is just not worth the ride this movie takes you on.