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The Toss with Maass

Junior Tristan Maass, starter on varsity water polo, reaches up to block a shot.

By Max Plotkin, Max Plotkin, and Max Plotkin

September 21, 2015

Water Polo is not for the weak of heart, or body. It requires time and devotion that may be too much for even the more dedicated athletes. However, Tam junior Tristan Maass is up to the challenge. “We used to have morning practices three times a week, about an hour before school started. Luckily ...

Tomorrowland: Film of the Future?

By Max Plotkin

June 11, 2015

For a movie about the future, “Tommorowland” sure uses a lot from the past. An overused plot and a one-dimensional villain is not necessarily the greatest combination for a high budget Disney movie. With big actors such as Academy Award-winning George Clooney and multiple Oscar-winning director Brad...

The Samurai’s Return

Graphic by: Johanna Wong

By Max Plotkin

October 24, 2014

Like a warrior returning from battle, Mill Valley’s Samurai Sushi has reopened after an interminable renovation. In the foyer, a glass case holds Samurai armor, the mask’s mouth turned down in a grimace of pain, just like I felt after a planned two-month renovation of the resturant turned i...