Administration Enforces Strict Homecoming Rules

Administration Enforces Strict Homecoming Rules

By Elissa Asch

All Tam students attending the homecoming dance this year will be expected to abide by the same safety rules expected at the dance last year. An email was sent out on September 25 by the administration to parents and students detailing the measures being taken to provide a fun and risk-free environment for all students in attendance.

Assistant Principal Brian Lynch is confident that the security will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students at the dance. “Four years ago was a big incident with our homecoming dance, we discovered that a lot of students were under the influence, people weren’t behaving appropriately toward each other or toward the administrators,” Lynch said. “We responded by one…hiring a private security firm to come in and provide additional support and two, we made it semi-formal and we found that that helped give the event more formality.” According to Lynch these two major moves have proven to make the dance a much safer place over the last few years.

“We have private security that will be checking students in at the door, making sure that students aren’t under the influence or in possession of anything against school rules,” Lynch said. “[The security guards] are trained to look for drugs and alcohol and students under the influence.”

The email sent out was more specific about the conduct and clothing of students at the dance. “Students must dress within the Tam District’s dress code guidelines and dance in a tasteful and appropriate manner.  Short-cropped and low-cut tops which expose one’s stomach or chest and extremely short shorts/skirts including spandex shorts are not appropriate,” it said.

“We’ll have teachers there as well, chaperoning along with administrators to make sure everyone is having a good safe time,” Lynch said. To prevent any misconduct the administration has also decided that no large bags such as backpacks or large purses may be brought to the dance. Upon entry all student are subject to search, and no student will be permitted to reenter the dance after they have chosen to exit. “This year we’re going to have a safe event where kids follow the rules and have a good time.” Lynch said.