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(Courtesy of Marin Public Health Department)

Public Health announces new COVID-19 protocols for schools

By Lauren Felder January 27, 2022
Marin Counties Public Health official updated the public on school related changes to COVID-19 policies.
The class of 2020. (Courtesy of Tam administration)

Administration and ASB host senior events amidst shelter in place

By Jessie Tempero June 2, 2020
The events include a virtual prom for juniors and seniors and a drive-through graduation ceremony for seniors and their families.
District publishes 2019 Student Achievement Report

District publishes 2019 Student Achievement Report

By Leah Fullerton November 7, 2019
The report summarized student achievement via the CAASPP test and showed major discrepancies based on race and socioeconomic status.
(Courtesy of Rebecca Preis)

Administration and ASB close campus for the next Unity Day

By Samantha Nichols October 17, 2019
The campus will be closed for lunch in hopes of making Unity Day more effective in building school spirit.
Students wait in line to see their counselors. (Katharine Owen)

The budget aftermath

By Johanna Meezan, Marco Steineke, and Logan Little September 27, 2019
Last year’s cuts have dramatically increased class sizes and worsened errors in student schedules.
(Jessica Bukowski)

Students express concern over AP turnover rate

By Sophia Martin September 27, 2019
Eight assistant principals have been employed at Tam within the span of three years.
Administration addresses scavenger hunt at town hall

Administration addresses scavenger hunt at town hall

By Lucas Rosevear July 6, 2019
Parents, students, and school and district staff attended, as did the Marin Youth Court director. Whether the administration will be able to effect change without a cultural shift is unclear.
Editorial: Not all fun and games

Editorial: Not all fun and games

By Editorial Staff June 7, 2019
An event which casually encourages sexual assault, peer pressure, illicit and dangerous drug use should never be dismissed as a simple tradition.
Editorial: Not Quite Breaking Through

Editorial: Not Quite Breaking Through

By Editorial Staff March 13, 2019

In the summer of 2017, two former Tam students spray painted a racial epithet on the side of Wood Hall, directed at our principal J.C. Farr. While this hate crime was egregious and despicable, it provided...

Crackdown: Admin introduces new attendance policies

Crackdown: Admin introduces new attendance policies

By Max Goldberg and Charlie Rosgen December 14, 2018

In an effort to reduce student tardiness and establish a punctual culture at Tam, the administration introduced two new tardy policies in the final months of the first semester.   The first initiative...

Designated Juuling Areas - Satire

Designated Juuling Areas – Satire

December 13, 2018

On Sunday, June 3rd, J.B. Near and the administration announced the newest addition to Tam’s campus in the form of designated areas for consumption of vaporized nicotine products. “Addiction is a disease,...

Tam’s New Attendance Enforcement

By Milo Levine October 26, 2017

This year the administration has amped up its attendance enforcement to counter Tam’s abysmal absence and tardiness record. “Tam High [absences] are excessive … for our district [and] excessive for...

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