Edward Harrison Profile


This year, we have a new teacher for IS 1-2, Edward Harrison. Harrison is a New York native and earned his degrees at multiple universities, including Long Island University, New York University, Cornell, and Nova Southeastern University in Florida. In 1980, he moved to Florida and was teaching a few different schools. He also started an outreach program that catered to underprivileged children in the surround area. It was a sort of school on wheels that took students out to different ecosystems in Florida to learn about environmental science. In 1998, he sold it to his staff. They took it and created a multi million dollar corporation called Build a Field Trip.

After he sold his business, Harrison moved to California in 2000. Once here, he taught in Fairfield for a year before moving on to Sir Francis Drake High School, where he continued to teach until 2010, where at that point he was forced to take retirement due to a series of minor heart attacks. Since he wasn’t aware of how minor they would be or how he would recover, he moved back to Florida to spend time with his family. In Florida, after a full recovery, he created yet another outreach business program. This time it was a Science Bus that would visit underprivileged schools to take students on board and teach them a whole science program.
Eventually, it became difficult to keep the bus going, as he wasn’t receiving enough funds, so he sold it to the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). After that he decided to start teaching again. However, the closest jobs around him were 3 or 4 hours away. Harrison said, “I figured if I was gonna have to commute so long and not even be able to stay at home, I might as well move back to California.” And so he did. Last month, Harrison moved back to Marin where he took up a teaching job here, at Tamalpais High School as a freshman science teacher.