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Advisory Olympics

Advisory Olympics

By Lauren Felder May 25, 2023
“[Advisory Olympics] was a lot of fun. Our entire team was really into it and it was just a fun experience. At the end everyone got popsicles and it was just an overall amazing experience so I’m really glad I went.”
Homecoming Rally 2015-2016

Homecoming Rally 2015-2016

By Features Staff October 28, 2015

On October 2 Tam High held their annual homecoming rally at Mead Theatre. The events included lip syncs from each grade level, performances from dance team and cheer team, and games. Photo Courtesy of...

Students Take PSAT and Workshops on Minimum Day

Students Take PSAT and Workshops on Minimum Day

By Hannah Chorley October 13, 2015

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)  will be administered to sophomores and juniors during school on Wednesday, October 14th. The test is optional for sophomores and mandatory for juniors....

Edward Harrison Profile

Edward Harrison Profile

October 9, 2015

This year, we have a new teacher for IS 1-2, Edward Harrison. Harrison is a New York native and earned his degrees at multiple universities, including Long Island University, New York University, Cornell,...

Hawk Talk: Senior Advice for Freshmen

Hawk Talk: Senior Advice for Freshmen

By Cody Duane-McGlashan June 6, 2013

Coming to high school can be an exciting and intimidating transition filled with new classes, teachers and peers. We’ve all been through it, and who better to ask for advice than our wise and knowledgeable...

Poetry Recitation Competition Draws Student Performers

By Jordan Blackburn February 20, 2013

The Marin County Poetry Out Loud contest was held at the Mill Valley Public Library on February 16. Junior Shayna Warner of Marin School of the Arts won and will be advancing to the statewide competition...

Core program completes first two-year cycle

By Natasha Harvey September 29, 2012

After concluding the first two years of the Core program, students and faculty have differing opinions on its progress. The Core program, which began in 2010, is an integrated program for freshman and...

Lovejoy’s Students Welcomed to Orientation

By Wenlock Nau September 26, 2012

Orientation is a milestone in a high school student’s life, in which they get to know the school meet their classmates, make new friends, and form relationships that will last them throughout high school....

Can you pass freshman year? Quiz with Answers

Can you pass freshman year? Quiz with Answers

February 9, 2011

Can you pass freshman year? Take this quiz and see if you've got what you need to pass all the classes. Answers included. English 1-2 Fill in the blanks with the correct word from Shakespeare’s...

Freshman orientation hellish to helpful

By Lorna McGinnis September 1, 2010

Freshmen had mixed feelings about Tam’s orientation on Friday, August 13. Freshman Victoria Holland said, “I figuratively escaped out the window. They almost dragged me to hell; they almost dragged...

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