Cierra Haynesworth Takes the Mic

Cierra Haynesworth Takes the Mic

By Ethan Lawrence

Senior Cierra Haynesworth has been chosen by the rally committee as the new Master of Ceremonies (MC). Haynesworth is looking forward to keeping up the rallies’ high energy and fun. She has watched the MC’s over her years at Tam and feels that she has what it takes.

“I wanted to be the MC to change the way upperclassman view freshmen,” she said. “I didn’t like getting booed as a freshman nor did I like watching others get booed. This year, I want to strive as a Link Leader to create a culture that allows freshmen to be comfortable at Tam by enjoying the rallies.”

Haynesworth auditioned for the MC position along with several others in front of the rally committee and several teachers. Junior Margaret Stoops is in charge of the rally committee and played a key role in selecting the new MC.

“Our hopes and expectations of her are unlimited, as she has already begun to bring a new level of fun and creativity to our process,” Stoops said. “The decision was ultimately made by [Social Studies Teacher and leadership adviser Tim] Morgan, [English teacher and leadership adviser Jessica Variz], and I. [Although] we did have people audition with a script to see what they were capable of as a performer, a large portion of the decision dealt with the ability that we would have as a group to work with the MC behind the scenes.”

Haynesworth has had a positive experience at Tam so far and enjoys expressing herself. “I feel like I want to return the favor because I am very outgoing and I have a super ecstatic personality,” Haynesworth said. “I just wanted to be the life of the party and make the rallies come alive for our senior year.”

Throughout her years at Tam, Haynesworth has been brainstorming ideas to improve the quality of the rallies.

“I have so many ideas that have never been done before. I want to bring a new vibe to our rallies that makes people excited to go to them,” Haynesworth said. “I also want to create a culture for people to perform in a new way and not just the same old stuff. For example, if we had a cypher [rap battle] or singing competition we could invoke a new audience.”

Haynesworth has lost two brothers in the last six years. One while she was in seventh grade due to gang violence, and the other her freshman year due to a drunk driver. “After I lost my brother I received so much care from people I didn’t think cared and it really brought me into a mind set that I want to give back the joy and support I received,” Haynesworth said. “My siblings mean the world to me and when Dashawn and Joshua died, each time [it] took a large toll on me. Now I do everything knowing I have two angels on my shoulders looking out for me. They [wish] the best for me so I have to give to them.”

The final reason why Haynesworth auditioned to be the MC is because she has had a great three years at Tam and wants to make it better for others. “Tam has been an amazing experience but it took me a while to realize [that] it really is,” Haynesworth said. “I think Tam is a school for possibilities and so many chances to be who you want to be.”