Saggin’, Not Swaggin’


By Wanya Williams

Every day, I walk down the streets of Drake and Cole in Marin City and all I see is Hanes, Polo, and Fruit of the Loom. Sagging is like a sport nowadays. More and more people are sagging each day. I don’t understand why it’s okay to show your underwear to the whole world.

      To be honest, I sag sometimes. I stopped doing it all the time after the police caught me one time for throwing rocks at houses. I should’ve listened to my mom; she would always tell me to pull my pants up. Now I see why. If you are doing something that may require you to run, remember not to sag. It will not end well. You are going to end up with your pants around your shins like a baby taking its first couple of steps.

    There is a history behind sagging. Sagging originated from American prisoners who were prohibited from wearing belts which could be used as a weapon to strangle other prisoners or commit suicide.

     Teenagers and others emulate rappers for their fashionable sagging. In music videos, rappers sag, and it looks cool because popular people are doing it and we are following up on the trend. Some people do it to be funny. I used to walk around with my pants down to my knees. I would do it because of a movie I watched, “Don’t Be a Menace.” The movie showed a line of black men who were sagging. It was funny to see the people sagging lower than the person in front of them.

     The one thing I hate is when a person sags with a belt on. Come on, what’s the point of the belt? I think the reason that people from Marin City wear designer belts. No lie. If I was wearing a designer belt that I paid a lot of money for, I would want people to see my belt. But if I were to pay for an expensive belt, I would rather wear a smaller jacket to show it off.

    The only reason I used to sag is because of my brother’s clothes. My brothers are giants compared to me. When I was younger, they outgrew their clothes and they handed them down to me. My friends never knew why I was a good swimmer. It was beacuse I would always swim around in those big clothes.

    My pants would fall every second, and back then I didn’t own a belt at the time. So my mom told me to use an old shoe string, but I didn’t want to be that one boy with the shoe string tied around my waist. It was bad enough that I used to walk around with my shoes on the wrong foot. I decided to buy clothes that fit me with no belt, so my pants don’t sag.

    Although sagging is a form of fashion,.nobody wants to see you walking around showing your butt all the time. I’m not one to talk about it; I used to sag on the daily. But mooning someone every day gets a little weird.