Q & A with Megan Lee: Slaying Sports of Many Sorts

Q & A with Megan Lee: Slaying Sports of Many Sorts

Junior Megan Lee loves to play sports. She has played soccer, plays basketball and golf, and rides for the mountain bike team. She also plans to play softball this spring. Her focus is on basketball. For this issue’s Q&A, she discussed her experience participating in the variety of sports she plays.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

In fourth grade I was on the team, but before that I would just shoot around at Old Mill [Elementary School].

Q: What do you like about basketball?

I really like the team aspect. I like that it’s really fast-paced and that you can’t really slow down. You’ve got to be on all the time. I also just like the physicality of it and the intensity of it.

Q: What year did you make the varsity basketball team?


Q: Did being on the varsity team as a freshman make you nervous at all?

Yeah, it was definitely intense, because the speed [with] eighth grade MVMS and CYO was a lot slower. And then once I played my first preseason game with varsity, I was really blown away, but I was really excited because I wanted another push.

Q: Do you have plans to continue with basketball in the future?

I’m not looking [to play] for a college or anything, but I feel like if I did go to a college for basketball, it would have to be a good one. I’m more weighing on my grades than basketball right now, but I would consider playing intramural or club [basketball].

Q: How’s your basketball season going so far (as of January 22)?

So far, we’re doing really well…. We just need to take [it] one game at a time, and just not get too confident, because I know there’s a lot of hype around Tam right now.

Q: After playing soccer last year, how did you feel when they switched the soccer season to winter?

I was bummed. I really wanted to play soccer. Last year was my first year playing for Tam, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the coach, I loved the whole team…Also, when you write on your college resumé, it kind of seems like you dropped a sport. It looks like you only played it for one year…but I’m more into basketball, so it was okay.

Q: What made you choose basketball over soccer?

Every time I wasn’t playing basketball, I’d miss it. And soccer, it was the same thing, but not as much. Like, if I was playing soccer, I’d be like ‘Oh, I want to play basketball right now,’ and it didn’t really go for soccer. Like, I kind of just played soccer and be there at practice and games, but think about basketball.

Q: So, you’re on the mountain bike team too. How long have you ridden for the mountain bike team?

Since freshman year.

Q: How do you like the mountain bike team?

I really like it. I just don’t really have a lot of time for it, or like a burning passion. But, it’s definitely a good way to get out in the outdoors, have fun. Again, I love the team, the coaches are awesome. I love that you can like get down and be dirty and it’s totally acceptable.

Q: Do you have any proud moments with any of the sports you’ve played?

I mean I’m always proud of how we [the basketball team] do. Not like individually. Every time that we do something good, I’m always proud of the team.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory that really made you like basketball?

My next door neighbor, [Jennifer Azzi] was a former WNBA player and got an Olympic gold medal and coached for SF State, and I went to her camp one time. And I was really inspired by her, and I was like ‘I really want to keep playing basketball.’

Q: What are your hopes for the basketball season moving forward?

My hope is that we keep playing hard and tough and playing to our full potential, and eventually make it to MCAL playoffs, and I think that we could win it this year. And looking further, we should go far in NCS, and maybe even NorCal.

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