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Girls’ Varsity Basketball Victorious in Final Home Game


The girls’ varsity basketball team beat South San Francisco High School in a narrow 58-57 victory on March 9, to continue in NorCal playoffs. This was the team’s last home game of the season as they were eliminated a game later 75-51 to Campolindo on March 12.

In their victory against South San Francisco, the final point difference came down to a missed free throw by South San Francisco with just over three seconds left in the game. Tam was able to grab the rebound, and hold off what would have been a game-winning layup from South San Francisco.

The lead constantly and dramatically shifted throughout the game. The first points were scored with a layup by South San Francisco. Tam was quick to retaliate. Junior Megan Lee would account for five of the next seven points with a layup and three-pointer. Junior Jaiana Harris would echo Lee with an additional 3-pointer and layup. Tam led 15-13 by the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter would significantly shift the score, being the worst for Tam, as they scored in the single digits, and being the best for South San Francisco, as they tallied a total of 21 points. The score was 34-23 in South San Francisco’s favor by half time, leaving a relatively major deficit to overcome.

Lee dominated the scoring in the third quarter, which included a pair of three-pointers. South San Francisco would only be outscored by two points in the quarter however, and the last quarter started with a nine run deficit to overcome by Tam.

Two layups by Allison and sophomore Ruby Bowser, combined with another three-pointer and free throw by Megan Lee would lead to just a one-point deficit in the fourth quarter. Junior Katie Sowerby tied the game, making one out of the two free throws after a foul call against South San Francisco. Tam had come back eight runs, and held off all scoring from South San Francisco in the final quarter. It was over halfway into the quarter when South San Francisco scored their first points with a layup.

With around three minutes left, South San Francisco would re-introduce the pressure on Tam after making a three-pointer. South San Francisco regained some points after being fouled and shooting one out of the two free throws, and making a layup. The game was between two points then, with Tam still in the lead. South San Francisco was then fouled, and received two shots. The first one was successful, and the second one was unsuccessful. Tam was able to recover the ball and stop South San Francisco from shooting in time for the clock to run out and the win to be recorded.

“We turned the ball over too many times late in the game. Lucky for us, we played better defense and got that last rebound, but they really had a chance, they did a great job of coming back,” said head coach Mike Evans. “Towards the end of the game, we just had to make plays, we had a lead, we had to finish the game.

“I think at the second half, we came out and played better defense,” Evans commented about the increase in scoring in the second half and specifically the final quarter. “Early in the game, we missed a lot of easy shots, because [Allison] was on the bench. But when she got back inside, they were pretty dominant.”

Tam finished their season with the MCAL Championship title, in their close defeat of Marin Catholic. They additionally made it to NCS semi-finals, losing to Miramonte, who went on to win the NCS title. Their successful season allowed them to qualify into NorCal playoffs.

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