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Title IX’s foul ball

By Luke Ferris and Samantha Nichols April 22, 2020
Title IX was meant to end gender imbalance in high school and college sports. But it also led to a lack of female coaches — a disparity that our community is no exception to.
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100 years in retrospect

By Kara Kneafsey December 20, 2019
2019 was the 100th anniversary of The Tamalpais News. Since 1919, journalism students have been covering popular culture, historic events, and day-to-day life at Tam. The following are excerpts from archival issues of The Tam News, with quotes from alumni to help bring them to life.
Southern Marin Fire Department responds to chemical spill at Tam pool. (Lucas Rosevear)

Protective radius declared around Tam pool facility due to chemical spill

By Lucas Rosevear November 26, 2019
The shelter in place was eventually lifted around noon.
(Skye Schoenhoeft)

Baby monitor

By Emily Stull November 22, 2019
Let’s break down our district’s maternity leave policy and what it means for parents.
A new year of SOAR

A new year of SOAR

By Tenaya Tremp October 17, 2019
Though only in its third year of existence, Tam’s branch of Students Organizing for Anti-Racism (SOAR) has already won a national level award.


By Milo Levine June 6, 2019
Public school is for everyone. Tam’s academic programs may not be.


By Griffin Chen, Features Editor March 17, 2019
California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150. When a person as a result of a mental health disorder is a danger to others or to themselves, a peace officer, or professional person designated by the county, may take the person into custody for a period of up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention.
Boys Volleyball Loses to Drake

Boys Volleyball Loses to Drake

By Camille Howard April 23, 2018

The boys volleyball team was defeated in an intense game against Drake on Tuesday, March 27. Tam started the game strong, winning the first set 28-26. However, in the second set, Drake took the lead, with...

Fresh Frosh Fashion

Fresh Frosh Fashion

By Dara Noonan January 26, 2018

Trends are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up, in case you feel that you are left behind I want to keep you updated on some recent trends at Tam. Let’s begin with the must-have item of...

Tam’s New Attendance Enforcement

By Milo Levine October 26, 2017

This year the administration has amped up its attendance enforcement to counter Tam’s abysmal absence and tardiness record. “Tam High [absences] are excessive … for our district [and] excessive for...

Graffiti Targets Tam Principal

By Megan Butt July 20, 2017

An act of vandalism targeting Principal JC Farr with the use of profanity and racial epithets occurred at Tam High on the night of July 18. The graffiti was found on an exterior wall of Hoetger Hall,...

Serious Answers to Silly Questions (Bizarre Hypotheticals with Tam & District Staff)

Serious Answers to Silly Questions (Bizarre Hypotheticals with Tam & District Staff)

By Samantha Locke and Samantha Locke June 3, 2017

We so often only see administrators and teachers as their positions or subjects, but  they are so much more. To bring this to light, The Tam News asked bizarre hypothetical questions to show that our...

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