Hollo at these Costumes!


By Sophia Venables

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin spice lattes are back, leaves are changing color, and Halloween is less than a week away. Usually, I find myself scrambling last-minute to throw some wings on and say I’m an angel or fairy, or whatever.  But this year, I’ve put together a list of some costumes that could be epic.

Classic: The Nerd

There’s always that one kid who doesn’t really want to put in work for their costume, which is why dressing as a nerd is perfect. Just grab some suspenders, glasses and a bow tie to transform an ordinary t-shirt and shorts combo into a Halloween costume classic. Or if that’s too much work, Party City sells the costume for an overpriced $29.99.

True Fan: “Bob’s Burgers”

        Honestly, who doesn’t like “Bob’s Burgers”? That show is flawless, and dressing up as any of the characters would make for an equally flawless costume. Also, none of the costumes would require anything extravagant. You could probably find any of the pieces you need in a thrift store.

Punny: Netflix and Chill

        Personally, I love a good pun. So if you love punny humor but want to stay relevant, this is the costume for you. Simply wear a t-shirt that says Netflix, and hold a bag of ice. *Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you get hypothermia from holding ice all night, doing this was your choice*

Throwback: Your favorite childhood TV show

        We’ve hit that age where Disney Channel and Cartoon Network air completely different shows from when we used to watch, and everyone misses the good old days. Remind your friends who the real OGs are with costumes like the original TV personality Kim, Kim Possible, Blue from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” Raven from “That’s So Raven,” Lizzie McGuire, or Arnold from “Hey Arnold.”

Play to Win: Literally Any Sports Icon

        If you aren’t very creative, but still want to dress up, going out as an athlete is pretty safe. The only red flag is my friendly reminder to try to pick an athlete without any controversial scandals. Halloween is supposed to be fun, and it would really suck if someone punched you in the face over your costume. * Hint, steer clear of Ray Rice.

Combining Holidays: Cupid

        Don’t you just love ALL the holidays? Well, here’s a two-in-one deal: dress up as Cupid. This also provides the opportunity for you to wingman for any of your friends who are too shy to talk to their crush. *Ahem, you know who you are.*

Literal: A Pumpkin

        Are you a logical thinker? Do you strive to be the literal embodiment of things? Then be a pumpkin! This costume is timeless; it was cute when you were five, and will probably be a little less cute now, but still a great costume. Extra points if your name is Jack and you go as a Jack-o-lantern.

And last but not least, I asked my four-year-old sister what she thought I should be…

“A Shark!”

        This one is pretty self-explanatory. Please don’t harm any real sharks in the making of your costume.

        Honestly, Halloween is a pretty weird holiday to begin with, so why not go all-out? If you don’t like any of my costume suggestions, then I hope they at least inspired you to get in the *spOoKY* spirit or think of your own. Happy Halloween!