Breaking News: Bomb Threat at Tam

By Ethan Swope

Principal J.C. Farr sent out an email addressed to parents and guardians warning of an apparent bomb threat for Friday, December 15. The email stated that administration discovered the threat in writing on the stall of a Wood Hall bathroom. Police were immediately notified and are investigating the incident.

Despite the threat, school will be in session on Friday. Administrators, extra staff from the District Office, and the Mill Valley Police Department will be on campus and in the hallways all day, to monitor the situation, according to Farr. “If, at any time, law enforcement advises us to cancel classes, [parents] will receive immediate notification via email or phone call,” he wrote in the email.

Farr also encouraged parents to remain calm, writing, “This is an opportunity for [parents]… to model how to handle stressful events by showing [students] examples of how to remain calm while navigating challenging circumstances.”

Additionally Farr urged anyone with information on the incident to please contact the MVPD (415) 389-4100 or the Confidential Tip Line at  (415) 380-3507.