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Tam renames Lower Keyser to Barrow Hall

By Lauren Felder November 5, 2021
Due to her impactful time at Tam, Lower Keyser has now been renamed to Barrow Hall after Clara 'Jewel' Barrow.
(Ethan Swope)

Leadership transitions to block period class in an effort to increase diversity

By Emily Stull September 19, 2020
Despite efforts to make the program more accessible, minority and lowerclassmen enrollment rates have dropped.
District CFO Corbett Elsen presents the districts second interim budget report, which proposes cuts to Team, the Global Studies program, and journalism. (Ethan Swope)

Measure B fails, plunging district into $3 million deficit

By Benjy Wall-Feng March 15, 2020
At least 200 students, teachers, and parents attended the board meeting on March 10, where the board of trustees discussed the $1.4 million in proposed cuts.
(Ethan Swope)

Former assistant football coach arrested for child pornography

By Logan Little January 11, 2020
Principal J.C. Farr will hold an informational meeting about John de Lorimier's arrest on Monday, January 13.
SOAR accepted the award at the National Summit for Courageous Conversation in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 15. (Courtesy of J.C. Farr)

SOAR wins Ruby Bridges Student Leadership and Courage Award

By Josie Spiegelman November 7, 2019
The TUHSD was awarded the Ruby Bridges Student Leadership and Courage Award by Pacific Educational Group, a nationwide firm dedicated to starting meaningful conversations about race in schools.
(Jessica Bukowski)

Students express concern over AP turnover rate

By Sophia Martin September 27, 2019
Eight assistant principals have been employed at Tam within the span of three years.
Administration addresses scavenger hunt at town hall

Administration addresses scavenger hunt at town hall

By Lucas Rosevear July 5, 2019
Parents, students, and school and district staff attended, as did the Marin Youth Court director. Whether the administration will be able to effect change without a cultural shift is unclear.
Unofficial attendance policy violates California Education Code

Unofficial attendance policy violates California Education Code

By Kennedy Cook and Lola Leuterio June 24, 2019
The policy limits adult students to 10 self-excused absences, after which they must be excused by a parent or guardian. This is inconsistent with California Education Code 46012.
Farr receives award for work in student equity

Farr receives award for work in student equity

By Leah Fullerton May 2, 2019

Principal J.C. Farr received The Shakir Stewart Foundation Award for Educational Excellence at the 7th annual Shakir Stewart Ascot Awards & Gala on Saturday, April 13. The gala served as both an award...

Homecoming rally erupts in controversy

Homecoming rally erupts in controversy

By Skye Schoenhoeft October 11, 2018

The homecoming rally on September 28 received backlash from some students and staff for a number of questionable moments, some of which contained racist behavior. The events in question included juniors...

Spectators Behavior Criticized by Admin

Spectators’ Behavior Criticized by Admin

By Ravi Joshi-Wander January 19, 2018

Principal J.C. Farr held a town hall-style meeting in Gus Gymnasium to address the behavior of students at recent boys varsity basketball games, played at Marin Catholic High School and Redwood High School,...

Breaking News: Bomb Threat at Tam

By Ethan Swope December 15, 2017

Principal J.C. Farr sent out an email addressed to parents and guardians warning of an apparent bomb threat for Friday, December 15. The email stated that administration discovered the threat in writing...

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