Breaking News: Generator Fire at Safeway

Breaking News: Generator Fire at Safeway

A small generator fire broke out on the roof of the Miller Avenue Safeway on Friday, March 9, at around 6:40pm, causing a temporary evacuation and store closure.

According to store worker John Roberts, Safeway was immediately evacuated and no one was hurt. “It was at the very forefront of the store,” he said. “We need to get an electrician to verify it before we can reopen…”

There was a pile of debris from the fire laying outside the Safeway doors, including the generator that caught on fire, which firefighters removed from the roof before opening. Chief Firefighter Michael St. John said that, due to the flames, billows of smoke came out of the generator when they opened it. “We quickly isolated [the fire] and we will have the store open again shortly,” he said.



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