Boys Volleyball Loses to Drake


By Camille Howard

The boys volleyball team was defeated in an intense game against Drake on Tuesday, March 27. Tam started the game strong, winning the first set 28-26. However, in the second set, Drake took the lead, with Tam closely trailing, ending the set at 21-25. By the third set, Drake was in the lead by two to four points at a time ultimately winning 24-26. They concluded the game with this same pattern, ending at 22-25.

“Everyone played really well. They all had really good hits. It was evenly matched,” Coach Chris Glave stated.

Senior co-captain Stephen Chang was on the court for the entirety of the match, and scored several points for the team. “I believe we played really well, but we also have much room for improvement. We need to clean up some of our mistakes and learn to transition well,” Chang stated. Besides his strong play, senior co-captain Aaqib Ismail provided a stable presence on the court. Junior Christian Goetz, junior Luke Klopfer, junior Sammy Sandgren, and sophomore Devin Guinney also had key moments throughout the match.

“I thought the other team played better than us, but they weren’t exceptional. They made mistakes too, and we were right there with them until the end of sets. The other team was much taller than us and were able to hit over us, but they also lacked consistent ball control. Our team just needs to be able to start off each set stronger and finish sets as well,” Chang said. The Tam league record is 2-6 in MCAL and their overall record is 5-11.