ASB Election Results

By Niulan Wright

The Associated Student Body (ASB) elections were held from April 26 to April 27, and the newly elected officers are junior Natalie Bricker, president; junior Dollan Clahan, vice president; sophomore Theodore Koffman, treasurer; and sophomore Kara Kneafsey, secretary.

Other students who ran included juniors Zachary Harris and Zoe Portera, for president; sophomores Eli Blum and Sam Sternfels, for treasurer; and sophomores Hana Curphey and Chloe Jeanmonod, for secretary.

The ASB class held a “Town Hall” meeting during tutorial on April 21. Candidates each gave a short address about their campaign and participated in a debate. About 40 students attended.

Those who ran and others will have another chance to run for their Class Council during the week of May 7.