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Review: To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

By Niulan Wright March 12, 2020
I loved the movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Yet, when I saw the movie’s sequel, the bar of quality and enjoyment that the first film had set was sadly missed.
(Skye Schoenhoeft)

Humans of Tam: The art of remembering names

By and Niulan Wright November 13, 2019
Tam senior Hannah Kahn's perspective on names and their importance.
(Niulan Wright)

Humans of Tam: Today was the loneliest day of my life

By Niulan Wright November 1, 2019
An anonymous Tam student on their sister departing for college.
School House Rock

School House Rock

Ciara Rooke What inspires you to make music? Nothing really inspires me, I just kind of have to do it. Like [I] always go to the piano once a day. Whenever I take breaks from my homework I’ll...

anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphic animal, animals, lucas rosevear, furries, furry

Of a Different Breed

By Lucas Rosevear and March 4, 2019

Hidden away in Tam’s mass of students is a small, a very small, but distinct subset of students (and an alumnus) linked by a common, somewhat taboo, artistic interest; anthropomorphic animals. Yet, being...

here for yo, Leah Fullerton, self harm, addiction, drug addiction, pregnancy, teen pregnancy, depression

Here For You

By Leah Fullerton, Features Editor February 26, 2019
This feature reveals where and how students can receive support in the face of emotional health turmoil.
Counselor Brian Napolitanos office is left empty after his resignation.

Counselor Napolitano resigns

By Niulan Wright February 11, 2019

Counselor Brian Napolitano resigned effective December 21, the last day of the fall semester due to health issues. Interim counselors Evelyn Dorsett and Sue Chelini are covering his responsibilities until...

A Master at Her Craft

A Master at Her Craft

By Niulan Wright February 7, 2019

You may know her as the woman who sold you your yearbook and your third pair of P.E. shorts, or as the woman who wears a small tiara when selling homecoming tickets. Others may know her as a campus supervisor,...

Winter rally postponed until January

Winter rally postponed until January

By Stevi Dunn December 16, 2018

The winter rally scheduled for Friday, December 7 was rescheduled by leadership and Tam administration for January 18. The change of date for the event was ultimately due to scheduling and organizational...

Tam Welcomes New Faculty: Rachel Dimon

Tam Welcomes New Faculty: Rachel Dimon

By Niulan Wright September 18, 2018

Rachel Dimon is a new Outreach Specialist in the Wellness Center. Before coming to Tam, she worked in the North Bay as a mental health counselor with teens that struggle with behavioral and emotional issues. At...

Microaggressions: Not so Small

Microaggressions: Not so Small

By Niulan Wright September 17, 2018

An Asian, Mexican, and an African-American sit in a boat. Suddenly the boat springs a leak and the three start to drown. Who wins? America. I am Asian American. When I was in the sixth grade I performed...

ASB Election Results

By Niulan Wright May 22, 2018

The Associated Student Body (ASB) elections were held from April 26 to April 27, and the newly elected officers are junior Natalie Bricker, president; junior Dollan Clahan, vice president; sophomore Theodore...

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