Active Shooter Drill Held at Drake


By Ethan Swope

Police and firefighters from around Marin County converged on Drake High School to stage an active shooter drill on June 19 and 21. The Central Marin Police worked in conjunction with Ross Valley Fire Department and the Central Marin Fire Department to conduct the training.

“Now that school is out, we are using this opportunity to work through the actual building we may possibly have to work in together someday,” Larkspur Fire Battalion Chief Matt Cobb said, adding, “Which of course we hope never occurs, but should it occur, we want to make sure we are ready.”    

The Central Marin police department posted a warning to residents on Twitter, “To make the exercise scenario as realistic as possible, there will be loud noises, shouting, and role players participating in the training.”

According to Mr. Cobb there are plans for drills similar to Drake’s at other schools around Marin.

Mr. Cobb stated, “Our focus is really on the school and on keeping the students safe.”