JSA registers students to vote


Members of JSA went into 25 junior and senior social studies classes on October 15 with the intent of registering or pre-registering students to vote.

“We go through our slideshow, we have everyone take out their phones, computers, anything that they can use,” junior and JSA president Avery Schoen, who organized the event, said. Students were directed to go to registertovote.ca.gov.

About 400 students were registered by this method, according to JSA.

“[Program director Dan Hess] shared this: he found that baby boomers and millennials make up the same percentage of the population, about 31 percent,” Schoen said, “but millennial voters made up about 19 percent of people who voted in the 2016 election while baby boomers made up about 38 percent — and that’s why policies aren’t tailored to reflect our interests. We need to get out and vote.”

The deadline to register to vote for any 2018 elections is October 22.

Photo by Benjy Wall-Feng.