Bomb threat forces middle school evacuation


By Lucas Rosevear

Students and staff at Mill Valley Middle School were forced to evacuate today after a bomb threat was made. Students were moved to the Mill Valley Community Center to await pickup while police swept the school’s buildings with specially trained dogs, according to Mill Valley public information officer Lin Walsh. No bomb was found and the all clear was given around 2 p.m. this afternoon.

Some parents were upset by the vagueness of the administration and police. “There’s been no details on what the threat was, whether it was a call in, or something found,” parent John Demko said. Demko was one of dozens of parents waiting to pick up their child from the community center. “We haven’t heard anything about the actual bomb, [or] no bomb,” parent Julie Mirocha said.

Some parents were unhappy with the perceived inefficiency of the evacuation system. “It seems to be an inefficient system,” Demko said, “collapsing all the students into another place when they freely are allowed to leave the school at 3 p.m. every day, why [can’t they] leave the school [on their own]?” The relocation was standard protocol, according to Walsh.

Photo by Lucas Rosevear.