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Southern Marin Fire Department responds to chemical spill at Tam pool. (Lucas Rosevear)

Protective radius declared around Tam pool facility due to chemical spill

By Lucas Rosevear November 26, 2019
The shelter in place was eventually lifted around noon.
Administration addresses scavenger hunt at town hall

Administration addresses scavenger hunt at town hall

By Lucas Rosevear July 6, 2019
Parents, students, and school and district staff attended, as did the Marin Youth Court director. Whether the administration will be able to effect change without a cultural shift is unclear.
Tarps end of an era

Tarp’s end of an era

By Lucas Rosevear June 24, 2019
After 27 years, English teacher David Tarpinian — who was involved in the founding of Academic Workshop, Peer Resource, and AIM — is retiring from Tam.
Spring Sports Update

Spring Sports Update

By Rocky Brown and Lucas Rosevear March 14, 2019

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Of a Different Breed

By Lucas Rosevear and March 4, 2019

Hidden away in Tam’s mass of students is a small, a very small, but distinct subset of students (and an alumnus) linked by a common, somewhat taboo, artistic interest; anthropomorphic animals. Yet, being...

Country Clubbin

Country Clubbin’

By Lucas Rosevear February 6, 2019

Although a dominant player on the course, senior Nick Friedman seemed somewhat uncomfortable sitting down with The Tam News for an interview. “I’m trying to figure out how to make golf interesting,”...

Bomb threat forces middle school evacuation

Bomb threat forces middle school evacuation

By Lucas Rosevear November 27, 2018

Students and staff at Mill Valley Middle School were forced to evacuate today after a bomb threat was made. Students were moved to the Mill Valley Community Center to await pickup while police swept the...

Leadership plans ambitious homecoming

Leadership plans ambitious homecoming

By Lucas Rosevear September 24, 2018

“You know what your title should be,” junior Theo Koffman said of my article. “Tam High School: The Best Homecoming Yet.” While the anticipated homecoming is still a few weeks away from its September...

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