Bernstein wins Coach of the Year


Photo by Kara Kneafsey

Tam teacher Nathan Bernstein was awarded Coach of the Year for his time and accomplishments as Tam’s baseball coach, on Tuesday, May 28. Despite coaching for only four years, Bernstein has instilled inspiration in all of his players. “He is really good at getting the best out of everyone and motivating everyone to be the best they can,” senior Jake Glenn said. Christina Amoroso, Athletic Director at Tam High, said she specifically picked Bernstein out of 100 or so coaches in the district due to his ability to not only encourage quality sportsmanship in the game but encourage respect and responsibility off the field as well.

“I think that he has a pretty unique ability to create a culture around a team which is all positive and winning and fun and at the same time he cares a lot more about us as people than us as baseball players which a lot of coaches say they care more about you as a person but Bernstein truly does,” senior Andrew Frame said.

His players, including seniors Jake Glenn and Andrew Frame, believe Bernstein has been a great influence on their athletic high school career and find him deserving of the Coach of the Year title. “Ever since he has come to Tam our team has been nothing but successful. We just won the division this year. You know it is a really young team, we only had four seniors this year and I know under Bernstein we will only get better,” Glenn said.

“When he came in and took over the program, what he has been able to do in those four years and change and what he has been able to instill in our athletes in terms of his philosophy, the vision he has for the program, the expectations he has of not only his athletes but the coaching staff … is stuff that is all transferable and something I want to see in every sport,” Amoroso said.

Bernstein expresses that Amoroso is someone who he looks up to in terms of coaching. “Ms. Amoroso is outstanding at her job and someone I model my career after, so it means a lot that she felt I was deserving of it and I think the administration had a big say as well, so that just means a lot,” Bernstein said.

Coach of the Year has only been awarded to two other Tam teachers since the award has been recognized. Along with Bernstein, Tim Morgan and Dustin Nygaard have also received the award. Yet Bernstein still believes his job is not over after winning the title. Bernstein also has plans for Tam’s baseball’s culture. “We want to get all three banners but I think for me the most important part is that the people leave the program as better people, because baseball is just a game and it is only important if we learn something about life through it,” Bernstein said. Coach Bernstein also wants to focus specifically on the development of his players throughout the game and hope that they are learning to be respectful and better people through his program.

“Something that he would always say to us is it is about what you do when no-one is looking, you know, just be a good person. I mean let’s say I saw a piece of trash on the ground, I should pick it up even if no one else is there. I would say that is definitely something that has stuck with me,” said Glenn. Members of Bernstein’s baseball team also look up to him for advice outside of the game. “There are a lot of kids on our team that go to Bernstein for personal reasons and their life because Bernstein is very … open to everything. I think he will continue to be a good personal coach and making everyone high character players,” Frame said.

Bernstein looks forward to working with Tam’s Baseball team going forward and to continue to encourage good behavior and thoughtfulness. “I’d like to think I won not just because of winning the championship this year because I do try really hard to instill positive values in the kids and for the sport to help them learn something about themselves. I’d like to think that is the reason I won, because of the culture I have instilled,” Bernstein said.