Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!


By Ian Duncanson

Coming from around the globe, Christina Costello is flying in as a new special education teacher in the Tam staff. 

“When I went to college at UC Santa Barbara, I studied art, and I did mainly drawing and painting, but then I started traveling a ton, and I realized through my travels throughout the world that I really, really enjoyed working with young adults,” Costello said, “so I started studying education, this is my ninth year as a special education teacher, and I love it, it’s absolutely wonderful.” 

Although originally from Marin, Costello’s story goes beyond the confines of California. She started teaching in Shiprock, New Mexico, where the school placed her into the special education program. 

“I didn’t even choose it, but I’m really glad they did, because it offers me a lot of time for one-on-one interactions with students and then a lot of time to build relationships with family,” Costello said.  

After a while, however, Costello decided she needed to take time off and see more of the world for herself.

“I’m actually just coming back from a year off… I traveled and worked part time,” she said. “I’ve wanted to work at Tam for a really long time, so when I saw that there was a job opening I jumped on it. I hope to be here for a really long time.”