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(Courtesy of Lindsey Tenaglia)

Lindsey Tenaglia: The reality of digital

By Skye Schoenhoeft March 24, 2020
As one of the few digital artists at Tam, junior Lindsey Tenaglia stands out for her distinctive style.
Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!

Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!

By Ian Duncanson September 23, 2019
“I’ve wanted to work at Tam for a really long time, so when I saw that there was a job opening I jumped on it. I hope to be here for a really long time.”
Barbara Owens: We owe it to Owens

Barbara Owens: We owe it to Owens

By Kara Kneafsey March 14, 2019

Most students like to brag about the fact that Tupac Shakur went to school here, but we don’t gloat about the accomplishments our staff has achieved over the years. Many don’t know that Tam was the...

A Master at Her Craft

A Master at Her Craft

By Niulan Wright February 7, 2019

You may know her as the woman who sold you your yearbook and your third pair of P.E. shorts, or as the woman who wears a small tiara when selling homecoming tickets. Others may know her as a campus supervisor,...


Trevor Perelson: Living his Dreams

By Wilton Schultz May 4, 2016

After Trevor Perelson finished high school, he wanted to live and experience his dreams. He began by travelling across the United States on his bicycle for his grandmother’s 103rd birthday. “I just...


Cub to Eagle: Grant’s Scouting Evolution

By Illaria Lobo October 19, 2015

Since the age of five, senior Elliot Grant has been on the journey towards becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouting. Over the years, Grant has learned about survival skills and...

Ignon’s Silent Struggle

By Kennedy Cook September 21, 2015

The doctor told freshman Lily Ignon the lump was probably just swollen lymph nodes, nothing really, but her mother had to be sure. Soon after her exam, Ignon was given an X-ray at UCSF. She awaited her...

Our Graduating Class of 2015(16?)

Our Graduating Class of 2015(16?)

By Hannah Chorley April 23, 2015

What grade are you in? A seemingly simple question with four simple possible answers: 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Yet, for Avi Cahn — originally a member of the class of 2016 — this question takes...

Subversive Gang Gains Local Recognition

Subversive Gang Gains Local Recognition

By James Finn April 23, 2015

Rap has long played a significant role in the musical culture of the Bay Area. Artists ranging from the beloved Tam alum 2Pac to the more recent phenoms like Lil’ B and HBK Gang have not only emerged...

Artist of the Issue: Audrey Romjue

Artist of the Issue: Audrey Romjue

By Jackson Gathard March 24, 2015

Junior Audrey Romjue found her love for photography at an early age. “I got a small Sony Cybershot camera for Christmas one year, and I began taking photos and videos of my friends at home, at school,...

Photo by Sarah Asch

A Sign From Above

By Sarah Asch March 24, 2015

Five years ago, a sign appeared on the sidewalk in front of the Mt. Tamalpais United Methodist Church, located between Mill Valley Middle School and Tam. Unbeknownst to the majority of the Mill Valley...

MUGGIN’ IT: Seniors Reis Dorit and Alex Finci are the senior captains for the mens varsity tennis team. Dorit and Finci are the only seniors on the team and have faith in there team and are ready to fulfill the roles needed for the team.                                        Photo by: Nate Vogel

Reis Dorit and Alex Finci Lead Boys Tennis

By Anthony Mazzini March 24, 2015

As one of Tam’s few Division One sports, boy’s varsity tennis has been competing at a high level for the past four years. Under coach Bill Washauer, Tam tennis has developed into one of the premier...

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