Mill Valley Seniors for Peace host climate strike with Tam students


(Photo by Saranyu Nel)

By Sam Jefferson and Saranyu Nel

The Mill Valley Seniors for Peace held a climate strike during class with approximately 75-90 Tam student and teacher participants at its peak on the Camino-Alto street corner across from Tam on September 20. 

 This was one of many protests held as a part of the Global Climate Strike movement. Some Tam students attended other demonstrations in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area that day. 

“I didn’t know what to expect,” one protestor at the strike, Gerald Pearlman, said. “Students all over the world are out. And I was hoping that at least something would happen here and I’m glad that it did, just so we’d join the rest of them. But this is something that concerns students much more than anybody else because of their future.” 

“What was so special about the one at Tam was that seniors at the Redwoods were so inspired by even 30 kids showing up, and normally it’s the old people we are trying to reach out to because they are the ones in power,” Tam senior Lainey Bloom said.

 The Seniors for Peace provided signs for the strike participants. 

“I decided to participate because I am very passionate about environmental sustainability and activism,” Tam senior Summer Polster said. “I this strike and others encourage people who aren’t necessarily aware of environmental issues to become informed and get more involved.”