Tam cancels upcoming events to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic


A sign on the gate to the field house warns that the field is closed. (Johanna Meezan)

By Johanna Meezan

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in several consequences for the Tam community in addition to the campus closures, including canceled school events and field trips. 

Because of the contagious nature of COVID-19, Matthew Willis, the Public Health Officer for Marin, has recommended limiting “non-essential” indoor gatherings to 100 people or less. This suggested limitation will remain in effect indefinitely. 

“This is something that will likely be something that will be part of our response as a community for the next couple of months,” Willis said in a COVID-19 community forum.

As of March 12, the school has canceled the spring rally and postponed its Open House due to Willis’ recommendations. It is unclear if other school-sanctioned events such as prom and graduation will be affected. Additionally, extracurricular activities and sporting events have been canceled, and school facilities, including swimming pools and fields, are closed to the public. 

 Following a level three warning from the Center for Disease Control recommending that “travelers avoid all non-essential travel,” administration and staff members canceled two international trips to Italy and Spain. Teachers expressed concern that students would be quarantined if they were near or in an infected area during the trips.

“The issue is if there’s an outbreak and they close the city and we get trapped … or if we are coming back into the U.S. and we are required to [go through] a mandatory quarantine process,” Zachary Gilmour, one of the three staff members leading the Italy trip, said.

As of March 12, Italy has partially closed its borders and mandated strict restrictions within its borders. 

“I really wanted to go, but I understand the worry,” senior Lisa Adelson, one of the students who had planned to attend the Italy trip, said. 

Staff members and the administration are working to reimburse students for the canceled trips. 

Junior Cassie Peterson, who was planning to attend the Spain trip, said, “I am really disappointed because we have all been looking forward to this trip for a long time, but at the same time I am finally beginning to accept that it was the right decision because the conditions in Europe have only gotten worse.”